The past 5 years have seen dedicated and informative posts and excellent management of the site. We intend to continue this, with articles about local, state, national, and international politics. In addition there will be discussion of concepts such as Patriotism, Citizen rights and responsibilities, and corruption. Of course there will be areas devoted to individual candidates, where they get their money, what their history shows about their real intentions, and, in the end , who they really are beholden to. Especially in this time of mass media obfuscation, and convenient ignoring of important happenings and issues, we intend to highlight dishonesty in all forms of political discourse. On the positive side, there are some truly impressive new voices on the political scene, and we will talk about candidates, office holders, and activists who have risen above the self-serving political crowd and are having a real  positive impact on the world and our system.

We hope everyone will feel free to join the discussion, and we especially welcome ideas and information that other internet sites may have missed.